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We are passionate about traveling, just like you are. We make your dream destination a memorable adventure; plus we have 14 years work experience in tourism and travel.

Travel around the world

Get to know new cultures and languages in a relaxed way with our planned experiences and feel safe with a certified guide.

Tailored Tours

Do you already have a destination in mind and prefer to visit highlights of your choosing? We create your entire package totally tailored to your needs.

One Day Tours

If you only have one day at a destination, either on business or pleasure; whether you arrive by cruise ship or plane, we have incredible tour options that you can do in just a few hours.

We Have It All

-Nature & landscapes
-Adventure & trekking
-Meditation & yoga
-Cities & towns

Our Team

A team of travel lovers, passionate about other cultures, dedicated to customer service, enthusiastic about discovering new destinations.

Strategic Alliances

We have created strategic alliances with different tour operators around the World.

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